Safety and Training

C & C Backhoe considers Safety first when you're seeking excavation services.

We maintain memberships with:

 ISNetworld - ISNetworld is a global resource for connecting Hiring Clients with safe and reliable contractors.

 Disa - (Drug and Alcohol) - Provides Pre-Employment, Random and Post Accident testing. DISA provides innovative workplace safety and   compliance  services. Services are specifically designed to promote workplace health and safety, while utilizing today's most advanced technologies.

 Avetta - Helps companies create safe and sustainable pre-qualification programs for our contractors, vendors and suppliers with an online interface.

 Memberships with the following means, we have all company information listed and owners can see information about Insurance limits, job specific   tasks. How many employees and what skill sets for each employee. Most of the owners in ISNetworld and Avetta are related to the Oil and Gas   Industry.)

 A serious workplace injury or death changes lives forever - for families, friends, communities. Human loss and suffering is immeasurable.   Occupational injuries and illnesses can provoke major crises for the families in which they occur.

 Every person who leaves for work in the morning should expect to return home at night in good health. Ensuring that husbands return to their wives,   wives to their husbands, parents to their children - that is the most important reason to create a safe and healthy work environment.

 But it isn't the only reason.

 By creating a healthy and safe workplace, work issues are reduced in several ways. Through reporting, committees meetings, walk-thrus, we show   that employee opinions matter. By following through on their input and improving safety, we prove quite tangibly that we care about their well-being.   Our workers respond by working harder and showing more pride in our jobs.

 Putting safety first turns out higher quality products. A safe workplace tends to be more efficient. In other cases, it's a matter of focus. By working in   an efficient environment, workers are able to reduce distractions and truly focus on the quality of what they do.

The results? Better products!


OSHA 300 and 300A forms - OSHA 10 hour training.

Daily Tailgate Safety Meeting for all field employees.

Company Specific HSE Manual (Health, Safety and Environmental Manual)

PPE Clothing and Safety Equipment. Fire retardant Clothing, Gloves, Hard Hats, Safety Glasses, H2s Gas Monitors.

DOT Driver Files, Truck Files (inspections, maintenance and repair), Equipment Files (inspections, maintenance and repair).

Backhground screenings on all hires.

Verify Workman's Compensation background on all hires. EMR Rating - .95

40 hours of Equipment Supervision required before Operator is certified to operate equipment. Job Safety Analysis (preplanning) is done daily.



Clint Grinstead​  - President